Introduce Fun into Your Stroke Rehab Routine

Video games. Motivation. Convenience. For Everyone.

The Motus Hand Mentor Home Brings Fun into Rehab.

Escape into your rehab with challenging,

engaging games.

Blue Runner

Go on an adventure with Blue, helping him climb mountains and jump over rivers. But make sure to look out for surprise obstacles throughout the course! 

Space Fighter

A classic you never get tired of! Blast invaders with your spaceship lasers, and rack up bonus points as you fly through the galaxy. 


Deadlift with Strongman, and help him gain strength for his next competition.  Lower the weight carefully to make sure he keeps his form, and take breaks in between sets for optimal gains.

Balloon Ride

Float through the air in paradise on your personal hot air balloon.  Watch out!  Navigate around birds, airplanes, and other objects to avoid crashing and popping your balloon!

New games on the way!

Single and Two-Hand Gameplay

Focus rehabilitation where you have the most impairment or challenge coordination with games that require two hands, integrating touchscreen commands. 

Intuitive segments driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Pregame Assessment

Motus AI (Artificial Intelligence) adjusts gameplay to optimize your improvement.

Stretch and Warm Up

Get ready for a great rehab session with the relaxing Thermometer game.

Measure Your Improvement

Complete an additional assessment after each rehab session to gather data for your weekly reports.

Weekly reports to celebrate your milestones.

The Motus Hand Mentor Program has been developed to keep your goals in mind, personalized to fit your rehab needs.

“It took a lot of monotony out of what we would do every day.”

– Steve S.

Bring fun into rehabilitation.

Active Assist Stroke Rehab

Resistance to improve strength. Help when you need.

You are not alone

With the Motus Hand Mentor Program, you have access to a Certified Motus Recovery Specialist to get you on a plan specific to your needs. We are on your team!

Over 10 Years of Clinical Research and Biomedical Engineering.

The brilliant minds at Motus Nova have been innovating and researching for 16 years to bring you cutting edge robotic stroke rehabilitation for your home.

Increasing Access to Cost Effective Home-Based Rehabilitation for Rural Veteran Stroke Survivors

Cost savings of 65% compared to clinic-based therapy.

Housley et al 2016



Expanding Tele-rehabilitation of Stroke Through In-home Robot-assisted Therapy

Robotic telerehabilitation reduced the cost of therapy

Butler et al 2014


Trusted in hospitals and clinics.


Start clinically proven unlimited stroke rehab today.