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Increasing Access to Cost Effective Home-Based Rehabilitation for Rural Veteran Stroke Survivors

The Hand Mentor provides cost savings of 65% compared to clinic-based therapy.

Housley et al 2016



Expanding Tele-rehabilitation of Stroke Through In-home Robot-assisted Therapy

Robotic telerehabilitation with The Hand Mentor reduced the cost of therapy.

Butler et al 2014


The HAAPI Trial: A Novel Robotics Delivery Approach in Stroke Rehabilitation.

The Hand Mentor achieves equivalent outcomes in arm function improvement.

Wolf et al 2015


Improving Quality of Life and Depression After Stroke Through Telerehabilitation

The Hand Mentor improves quality of life and depression symptoms for stroke survivor.

Linder et al 2015


Unlimited Rehab.

Motus Hand Mentor users complete more rehab than in a clinical setting, reporting accelerated recovery after stroke.

“The hand is a huge gift to get back.”

– John R, Motus Hand Mentor Client

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