The Hand Mentor Home - Stroke Recovery at Home

The Hand Mentor Home is a robotic-assisted biofeedback rehabilitation device designed for use by stroke survivors to help improve range of motion, strength, motor function, and quality of life.

How Does The Technology Work?

The Motus Hand Mentor Home is worn on the impaired forearm, wrist, and hand and connected to an interactive touch screen or virtual therapist. As you play, the Hand Mentor safely guides you through upper limb rehabilitation, providing gentle assistance with a pneumatic muscle as needed. The therapy and exercise are tailored to your needs. The more you use and train the device, the more it’s capable of offering a better personalized recovery.

David Wu

CEO & Founder

A Breakthrough in Stroke Rehabilitation is Here.

For the first time ever, get rehab for your hand and arm from the comfort of your home — no strings attached.


$80/week subscription with a 30 day home trial.


Feature Highlights

Clinically Proven

Validated by clinical trials conducted by top US hospitals. FDA cleared for stroke rehabilitation. Used in clinics and hospitals internationally.

Exclusive Patented Technology

Exclusive patented assistive technology precisely replicates a therapist’s active assistance or resistance. 

Ability to Use on Your Own

Be in control of your rehab. Based on your time and your needs, you can now do rehab independently at home.

Recognition and Collaborations

Will You See Results?

Weekly progress reports will help track all of your gains.

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Is This Technology Right for You?


Robotic-assisted rehabilitation can deliver high-dosage, high-intensity training in a fun and interactive way. Clinical trials have demonstrated robotic-assisted rehabilitation is a type of post-stroke exercise that can improve upper and lower limb function, reduce functional impairments, and improve the quality of life.

People with ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke with persistent sensorimotor deficits can benefit from the Hand Mentor and as soon as you are medically stable to start rehabilitation is when you can begin to use the Hand Mentor. Users have seen improvements several years after their stroke. Some active movement (10º extension of wrist and fingers) and cognitive function is recommended to engage in games. The Motus Hand Mentor is meant to enhance existing therapy or help those not currently receiving therapy.

Dr. Nick Housley, PT, DPT, PhD

Physical Therapist and Neuroscientist

How Can I Speed Up My Rehab?

Typical Outpatient Rehab

Guided Active Rehabilitation

3 hours / week

Time Needed

12 Months

Estimated Cost


Motus Home

Guided Active Rehabilitation

20 hours / week

Time Needed

2 Months

Estimated Cost


Built in motivation to keep you going.

An epic blend of fun, therapy, and results.

Additional Features


Classic Arcade Games + Social Gaming + High Scores + Achievements = Engaging Therapy


Proven tele-medicine therapy prescribed, delivered, and monitored remotely by a clinician.

Cloud Database

Network-enabled cloud-sync of therapy data available to be reviewed by and guide clinicians.


Advanced reporting to track progress improves therapy motivation.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning models analyze and optimize assistance, intensity, time, reps etc.

Personalized Medicine

Individually optimized treatment maximizes gains and minimizes side effects.

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Learn About The Benefits of The Hand Mentor Home from A Stroke Survivor

Meet the Team

David Wu

David Wu

Founder & CEO

Dr. Nick Housley

Dr. Nick Housley

Director of Clinical Research

Russell Jeter

Russell Jeter

Director of Analytics

Wendell Whittaker

Wendell Whittaker

Head of Graphics

Parth Patel

Parth Patel

Director of Product and UX

Frequently Asked Questions

Confused? Have some questions as to what this is and how it might help? If we are still not answering your questions please reach out.

What is the Hand Mentor Home?

The Hand Mentor Home is a robotic-assisted rehabilitation device designed for use by stroke survivors to help improve range of motion, strength, motor function, reduce impairment and improve quality of life.

How does the Hand Mentor Home work?

The Hand Mentor is worn on the impaired forearm, wrist, and hand while being connected to the control screen. After thorough evaluation by a trained health care provider, the Hand Mentor safely guides you through upper limb rehabilitation as you play interactive games on the control screen. The Hand Mentor provides gentle assistance through a pneumatic muscle to help you successfully complete the rehabilitation.

How long do I have to use the Hand Mentor before seeing benefits?

Clinical trials investigating the Hand Mentor and other devices have documented that  improvements occur following 30 hours of rehabilitation. The Hand Mentor’s flexibility in scheduling means that these hours can be accomplished in whatever fashion fits your lifestyle.

How do I know the Hand Mentor is right for me?

If you are experiencing paralysis or paresis as a result of a stroke you may be a candidate. You should consult with your healthcare provider to find out if the Hand Mentor is the right treatment for you. Try our online self-assessment for instant feedback.

Do I need help to use or put the Hand Mentor on?

The Hand Mentor is designed to be put on with the use of the non-paretic arm. However, depending on your level of functioning and impairment, you may require some level of help from a family member or healthcare provider to apply the Hand Mentor.

Is the Hand Mentor covered by insurance?

It is covered by a Health Savings Account (HSA) but not under traditional insurances. 

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